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Dog Hydro Bath


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Dog Hydro Bath

Hydro, Shampoo, Flea Rinse and Blow Dry.
Non Day Care Dogs add $5.00
Additional charges apply to:
Special shampoos From $5.00
Matting  From $10.00
Non Compliant Dogs will also incur and additional fee (from $10.00)

The following are an example of dog breed sizes:

Small Breed  Short Coat - Jack Russell, Dachshund, Mini Schnauser, Mini Poodle.
Small Breed  Long Coat - Shitzu and Maltese, Papillion and Crosses, Tibetan Spaniel.
Small Breed Thick Coat - Westie, Japanese, German Spitz, Keeshund,  Schipperke.

Medium Breed Short Coat - Beagle, Staffies, Boxers, Heelers, Standard Schnauzer and Crosses.
Medium Breed Long Coat - Belgium Shepherd, Bearded Collie, Springer Spaniels, Border collies, Shetland Sheep Dog and Crosses.
Medium Breed Thick Coat - Huskies,Samoyeds, Wheaton Terrier, Collie Rough, Chow and Crosses.

Large Breed Short Coat - Labradors, GSP, Vizsla’s, Pointers, Giant Schnauzer and Crosses.
Large Breed Long Coat - GSD, Retrievers, Setters, Bernese, Black Russian, Briards and Crosses.

Giant Breed Short Coat  (Great Danes Mastiffs, Douge De Bordeaux  and Crosses)
Giant Breed Long Coat  ( St Bernard’s, Borzoi’s, Afghan’s Great Danes Mastiffs and Crosses)
Giant Breed Thick Coat  (Malamutes,Landseers,  and Crosses)

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Dog Size

Small, Medium, Large, Giant


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