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Moorabbin Vic, 3189

Why K9workouts

Why bring your dog to K9 Workouts?

People bring their dogs to K9workouts for many reasons below are the most common.

•Improves a dogs social skills
• Teaches dogs basic manners
• Aids in the Improvement of a dogs fitness levels
• Helps build confidence in shy or timid dogs
• Puppy Crèche for puppies and young dogs - builds learning, Canine and Human communication, confidence and social skills on an individual and group level
• Provides a supervised play outlet for dogs of all energy levels
• Post op dogs can rehab in a confined yet stimulating environment
• Individual bedrooms for rest and whilst boarding
• Unlike other day care or boarding establishments K9 dogs are not shut away but enjoy recreation and interaction the majority of the day
• Size and energy level specific play groups (supervised)
• Constant and professional staff with over 30 years experience in dog care
• All in one service provider offering Grooming, Walking, Home holiday Care, Pet Shop, Bus pickup and drop off
• Climate controlled for your dogs comfort
• Improves neighbor relations
• Reduces destructive behaviors at home caused through k9 boredom or separation anxiety
• Eliminates noise related canine stress caused by Fireworks, Thunder storms, Building works etc
• Eliminates opportunity for accidental or anxiety related escape especially during home renovation, maintenance and other building works.
K9 Workouts is a registered day care & boarding center conforming to the Victorian State Government's Dog Boarding & Day Care Codes of Practice.

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