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Why Doggie day care at K9 Workouts

The benefits of Dog Day Care at K9 Workouts

• Improves a dogs social skills
• Teaches dogs basic manners
• Aids in the Improvement of dogs fitness levels
• Helps build confidence in shy or timid dogs
• Puppy Crèche for puppies and young dogs - aids in the development of and reinforces K9 learning, communication, confidence and social skills on both an individual and group level.
• Provides a supervised play outlet for dogs of all Breeds, Size and Energy levels
• Post op dogs can rehab in a confined yet stimulating environment
• Individual bedrooms for rest and whilst boarding
• Unlike other day care or boarding establishments K9 workouts dogs are not shut away for hours on end, our day care dogs enjoy recreation and interaction the vast majority of the day
• Size and energy level specific play groups (supervised)
• Constant and professional staff with over 30 years experience in dog care
• All in one service provider offering Grooming, Walking, Home holiday Care, Pet Shop, Valet service, Bus pickup and drop off
• Climate controlled for hot and cold seasons
• Improves neighbor relations
• Reduces destructive behaviours at home caused through k9 boredom or separation anxiety
• Reduces Canine anxieties due to loud noises caused by Fireworks, Thunder storms, Building works
• Eliminates opportunity for accidental escape during home building works or through other anxieties