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Dog Walking Melbourne

dog walking melbourne

Some dogs are so over-excited when they get out for a walk that managing them becomes a chore and a stressful experience therefore walks become less regular and shorter in duration its a catch 22 situation. There are significant benefits to be had through walking your dog and that's why all of our dog walking services are multifaceted incorporating mental stimulation, physical exercise and behavioral training. Our dog walking programs ensure good manners and confidence through proper socialization in real life situations. Clients regularly tell us how much more enjoyable it is to walk their dog since employing our services.

Dog Walking Play Groups

Multi Award winning dog walking service!

Unlike other dog walking service providers our Play-Group is a group of up to four dogs, that go to various parks and beaches (where permitted).

One Dog Two Dogs
 $30 $50
As our Play-Group is off-lead, all dogs must come when called, and be sociable with people and other dogs. If your K9 is not quite at this stage but you would like to work towards being a Play-Group member, speak to us about our Training walks.