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Dog Training Melbourne – Problem Solving

Dog Training Melbourne - Problem Solving

We come to you...

Does Your Dog...

  • Jump all over you or your visitors?
  • Pull you like a sled down the street?
  • Bark Continuously?
  • Act aggressively towards dogs or people?
  • Leap out of the car when you get to your destination?
  • Or refuses to get in the car?
  • Beg for food?
  • Chews anything and everything?
  • Does what it feels like, when it feels like doing it?
  • Is the fence guarding driving your neighbors crazy?
  • Does the dog destroy your house while you are out?
  • Runs in the opposite direction when you call him/her to “Come”?
  • Forgets where the toilet is?

Then we can help you!!!!

Our trainers come to you at a time that is mutually convenient including weekends, appointments are of a 1hr duration and the cost for this service is

Mon - Fri $140.00

Weekends or after hrs $160.00

Depending on distance a travel surcharge may apply.

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