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Dog Obedience Training Melbourne

Dog Obedience Training Melbourne- Basic Obedience

This is one of our more popular home based dog training programs this program has been designed for the pet dog owner and is based over 5 x 1 hourly sessions over 5 weeks. In this program, pet dog owners will be able to achieve a fundamental level of control over your dog. As a pet dog owner you will learn how dogs communicate and learn and apply this knowledge to teach and shape the behaviors of your dog. The basic training program will set the foundation for all future training whilst creating a balanced relationship and bond between you and your dog. Canine socialization and sociability is integral to this program.

Suitable for dogs 16 Weeks and Over, C5 Vaccination

The basic obedience course covers basic exercises over a 5 week period including Walking on Lead, Heeling, Sit Drop, Stays and Recall. The cost is $700.00 lessons are available weekdays. Course fee is paid in advance or if paid separately the fee per session will be $160.00

The course must be completed within 3months of the 1st lesson, a late cancellation fee of $40.00 applies where less than 24 hrs notice is given.

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