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Dog Grooming Melbourne

dog grooming melbourne

K9 Workouts, Melbourne's largest dog day care centre is offering  dog bathing and a brush out service for all breeds at our facility.

Dog Grooming Pricing

** Prices for dog baths and brushouts are subject to the size of the dog.
Call to discuss our services and our FANTASTIC introductory offer on: 9532 3002.

Dog Grooming Services

Dog grooming is very important, especially for dogs with long or thick coats. Regular bathing and brushing will keep the coats looking fresh it will also aid in the desensitization of  your dog should it not like to be groomed. Regular grooming provides the owner and the groomer an opportunity to examine the dogs coat and skin up close and if required initiate a treatment plan as required. A flea and tick repellent along with regular ear and teeth cleaning as well as nail clipping will keep your dog looking good and feeling great.


Brush Outs
(Includes a hydrobath and a blow dry).
- Small Dog e.g. Bichons/Poodles/Spoodles/$70.00
- Medium & Large Dogs e.g. Labradoodles/Golden Retrievers from $80.00
- Dogs with thick coats e.g. Samoyeds/Huskies/Malamutes.St Bernards $90.00

- Small Dog from $70.00
- Med/Large dogs $80.00 **
- Add $10.00 Extra for nails when done at the same time