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Dog Day Care Terms and Conditions

Day Care Terms and Conditions

Day Care Terms and Conditions
1. K9 Workouts reserves the right to refuse admission to any dog for any reason.
2. All dogs must successfully pass our temperament evaluation.
3. Bookings are always required.
4. Sick dogs will not be admitted to Day Care.
5. All dogs must be de-sexed (unless under 6 months of age or are stud dogs or brood bitches)
6. Day Care dogs must be sociable towards other dogs and humans.
7. Dogs that do not pass the sociability test can still come to the centre however they will not be able to participate in the group activities whilst the dog remains anti social.
8. Dogs must be on a flea and tick preventive program. Dogs with fleas will not be allowed into daycare.
9. Dogs found to have fleas will be treated at the owner’s expense.
10. Dogs must be on a leash whilst entering and exiting the centre.
11. Dogs must be wearing a collar and a name tag.
12. We are open from 7am to 6pm, a late fee of $35.00 is payable after 6pm. Prior notice is imperative, (Please telephone and leave a message if not picked up as it is a very busy time with dogs being collected.) however the late fee will still apply. This fee is payable by debit or credit card, no cash payments are to be made after 6pm.
13. All paperwork, forms and vaccination requirements must be completed before admission.
14. Pick up and drop off is available between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday only.
15. Lunch must be given to puppies up to the age of 16weeks, being part of a nutritionally balanced diet. An additional $5.00 fee is payable if we supply the meal/treats
16. All food supplied needs to be clearly labelled with your dog’s name.
17. Fridge and freezer facilities are available. This food must be packaged into individual portion sizes and clearly labelled.
18. The minimum vaccination requirements for each dog entering the premises is a C5 (being against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and also Para Influenza and Bordetella.
19. Full vaccinations must be given by your vet on a yearly (12 month) basis.
20. Please note that we are extremely strict with our vaccination policy (without exception). We do not accept unvaccinated animals. If you are uncertain, please do not hesitate to ask us and to also confirm your pet's vaccination with your vet.
21. If your pet is on any medications, we can continue to administer them during their day care stay. Medications must be clearly labelled and have an instruction sheet include dosage and administering details (am/pm etc). There is no charge for administering tablets, drops, ointments etc; Injections will not be administered unless agreed to in writing.
22. Dogs must be in good health, free from any infectious disease, regularly treated for gastrointestinal worms and be on a flea prevention program.
23. If we consider your pet requires veterinary care, we will attempt to contact your clinic. Alternatively, another vet will be contacted. Owners are liable for all costs incurred.
24. K9 Workouts requests that the responsible person/owners must be available to collect their dog at all times.
25. K9 Workouts will attempt to maintain animal safety but shall not accept any responsibility for the damage caused by or to the animal.
26. Session card holders, refunds will not be given, K9Workouts may transfer the balance available to a shop account or the balance of monies may be used for any other K9Workouts provided service.
27. We reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason, or cancel any future bookings without notice.
28. Change of any relevant details must be notified in writing.
29. Bus, Walking or Training services, booking cancellation fees apply when less than 48 hours notice is given and under no circumstance will cash refunds be provided.
30. These terms and conditions are in addition to our trading terms, assessments and socialisation criteria, all of which are subject to change without notice.
31. All dogs are cared for in accordance with the Government of Victoria Code of Practice. K9 Workouts, its representatives and employees will be indemnified by the dog owner against any actions or claims arising from any loss, injury or canine influenza that a dog sustains or causes to another dog or person while in the care of K9 Workouts