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Why K9workouts

Why bring your dog to K9 Workouts? People bring their dogs to K9workouts for many reasons below are the most common. •Improves a dogs social skills • Teaches dogs basic manners • Aids in the Improvement of a dogs fitness levels • Helps build confidence in shy or timid dogs • Puppy Crèche for puppies and young dogs - builds Continue Reading
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Dog Training Puppies – Critical Periods Of Development

CRITICAL PERIODS OF DEVELOPMENT During the puppy's life, from birth to 16 weeks of age it will go through four developmental stages, or "critical periods", and anything that happens to the pup during these periods, will have a determining effect on its eventual standard of temperament and character later in life. From the dog owner's point of view, it is Continue Reading
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The Benefits Of Dog Walking.

Walking your dog should be seen as multifaceted and fun undertaking providing the dog and its owner with many positive and rewarding opportunities when done right. Reduces The Incidence Of Destructive Behaviors Regularly walking your dog, can help reduce or eliminate a lot of your dogs misbehavior caused through boredom or hyperactivity. Dogs are like children: If you are not Continue Reading
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